"I found this treatment very useful with clearing a cloudy mind & letting go,
I would recommend this for both physical & mental aches & pains,
You are in good hands with Lucy"



“I am most grateful to Lucy for the counselling I received following my last episode of depression.

When I first went to her I was sad and frightened.

I wasn't sure where to start, what I was going to talk about or where this was going to take me. In fact I felt pretty lost and vulnerable.

Lucy’s caring, professional non-judgemental approach and the warm atmosphere of Little Lodge made me feel comfortable and safe.

I wasn't expecting to feel any difference for ages but just making the decision to go to the first session felt good.

A few weeks down the line and I was able to make sense of 40+ years of baggage thanks to Lucy. In short choosing Lucy as my counsellor was the best decision ever. I am still using the tools she showed me daily and am staying well.”



"From the beginning Lucy was kind, caring, non-judgemental and let me explore my difficulties at my own pace. I was very nervous at the beginning but Lucy's approach and the warm atmosphere helped me to get past this. I was able to work through issues with anxiety, panic attacks, and she helped me work through a phobia which has now become more manageable. Lucy has helped me to understand and be more accepting of myself and I cannot recommend her enough for anyone seeking counselling."



"Lucy is a kind and compassionate counsellor who has helped me through my journey and together we have untangled things along the way. I never felt rushed and when things were difficult she helped with different creative counselling techniques. she has helped me to know I deserve a good life. I have become a happier, more content person for it."



"I have been working with Lucy for almost 6 months now, I would highly recommend her. She provides a safe space where all issues (whether they feel big small) are explored with no judgement. She runs her sessions in a way that makes me feel in control and personally responsible for my progress."



"I saw Lucy as a counsellor fortnightly at the beginning of 2016.
I came to her because I was immobilised by grief at the death of my daughter, aged 43.
Rosa had been ill for 2 years and at the end I nursed her at home.
Before I came to Lucy I was finding it hard to function, get through every hour let alone day,  and wept all the time. Once I was seeing Lucy, the grief became more manageable.
At the first session I told her the whole terrible 27 month story. I was able to sob and let it all out.

It was as if a huge weight lifted off my chest. She calmly, empathetically reflected back what I had said, so that I felt heard and understood. She clearly summarised what I had said. She has many skills; one of them is an exceptional memory; so she often referred to things I had said many weeks before. She was also immensely reassuring, confirming that yes I had been through a terrible and gruelling experience. This made me realise my emotions were legitimate, not evidence of incipient madness. She also pointed out that there would be bad times, but that I would recover and be able to go on with life, the very bad times would hit me less often.
She observed that I had a triple loss, my daughter’s death, moving from the other side of the country and thirdly losing the meaningful activities I had there. I would always be scarred by the events, but the pain of the scar would lessen. Another skill is that she gave me positive feedback, noting that I was a kind person and that part of my loss was a place or way in which I could be kind. She assisted me I talking through how I could rebuild that aspect of my life, through playing a big role in my grandson’s life and by working with the refugee group in Calais. I often think of Lucy, things she said, her calm and reassuring presence and I recommend her without reservation."



"Just experienced my first Reiki healing and really felt a difference straight away and looking forward to my next session. Felt relaxed and calm straight away."



"From the off I felt completely comfortable with Lucy. her counselling space and her manner were both welcoming and warm, and with her I was able to work through my issues and regain my confidence."



"Originally I was completely sceptical as not knowing much about Reiki . I am know having weekly sessions and I believe it's beneficial. Lucy offers a professional and welcoming environment . I would recommend Lucy and the reiki therapy highly"



"Lucy gave me the confidence and reassurance to open up about some traumatic events that had happened in the past. She listened, and understood and showed complete empathy for the things I had spoken about. I was very nervous about starting counselling with someone and having to open up, but she made this so easy and was always welcoming. I would recommend her to anyone suffering with anxiety or depression. As it feels like a weight has been lifted."



"We found Lucy to be very welcoming and very easy to talk to about anything. It really helped us to open up. Very flexible and we felt straight at ease in her lovely cabin. We’d recommend her to anyone seeking marriage counselling."

J & D


"Lucy is clearly very clued up and passionate about her reiki practise; she has a wonderfully relaxing vibe about her and the space were she does the treatments is cosy and very zen. I look forward to my next treatment - thanks Lucy!"



"Bereavement Counselling; From the minute I met Lucy at 'Little Lodge' I felt safe and secure and when you are sharing the most traumatic time in your life you need to feel you are in a safe environment. From the start she showed me empathy and kindness. Lucy allowed me to have quiet times, she taught me technics to deal with my anger and sorrow, she always listened to me without being judgmental. Lucy made gentle suggestions about how to deal with my pain, but left me to deal with them in my own time, when I felt able to act upon them, I had amazing results. At the end of each session Lucy was always concerned how I felt and I always felt I could contact her if I needed to. It's been a long journey, one I could not have faced alone, but now I feel I can hold onto my past memories with happiness and also look forward to a peaceful but different future."



"Lucy was highly recommended to me at a time that I was looking for a counsellor.  I have had counselling in the past and knew that I needed someone who was very non-judgemental.  I was nervous about person centred counselling at first because I did not know how it worked - now I love it!  Since starting sessions with Lucy I am more confident in my abilities and more comfortable in my own skin.  Lucy is empowering me to see that I am a resilient person and can cope with the challenges I face.  She has been able to be flexible around my health needs and my caring role. Lucy has an excellent balance of being deeply caring and very professional, I have developed a deep trust in her capabilities and I couldn't recommend a counsellor more."



"Lucy offers expert treatments in a welcoming environment. I would highly recommend Reiki with Lucy as she is so passionate and knowledgeable about the therapy and its benefits."



"I feel so lucky to have found Lucy and have her as my therapist. No matter what I told her, I always felt she accepted me just the way I am, and this has helped me to accept parts of myself that I thought I would never be comfortable with. 
I talked about some really painful memories that I’ve never been able to speak about before, and because Lucy’s approach was so caring and gentle I felt safe enough to do this. She helped me make sense of things that have happened to me and supported me while I worked through it. 
In my experience Lucy is an amazing therapist, and I would recommend her to anyone, particularly anyone who (like me) was really nervous about seeing a counsellor for the first time!"



"I was at a cross roads in my life, it was very confusing. I felt I was in my darkest hour and I could find no light and my goals were out of sight. the first step is often the hardest and its not easy. but Lucy made me feel welcome and helped me see who I was, what I had become and what I wanted to be. I can not recommend or thank Lucy enough for the guidance and help she gave me."



"I have heard of Reiki but never experienced it until today and I was very pleasantly surprised. It was everything I needed, as suffering from anxiety, I get stressed quite easily, but when Lucy started my head cleared and a once full mind thinking of what I needed to do that day was just emptied and was calm, totally unexpected. It's a different result for everyone and I would definitely recommend it, I feel as though I have had a massage without the massage if that's possible but I will be going again and soon � excellent, thanks Lucy x"



"A really amazing and relaxing experience. Lucy is a very calm and knowledgeable Reiki practitioner."



"Very relaxing environment had my first session today very peacefully and healing just what I needed after having a major event in my life thank you, felt powerful to me."



Counselling Testimonials

"Had first session yesterday. Very good. Relaxed in the environment and was very comfortable pleased to say I will be gong back."



"Just had my first ever Reiki session. Lucy was very professional and helped me to understand more about Reiki. She gave me information that I can look at, at home as well which helped. the whole session was an hour. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was so relaxing and I got a very intense reaction fro it. I would definitely have Reiki again and recommend Lucy. Thank you again."



"Lucy instantly put me at ease she has created a relaxed, welcoming environment and allows you to work through your issues/problems without feeling that you are being judged or pressured to act/think in any particular way. These sessions have been fantastic and I would certainly recommend Lucy."



"Lucy has really helped me to understand and control my anger and issues at home. Although I am still not perfect at controlling myself sometimes, I am so much better than when I started. I would fully recommend her if any one else has problems they feel they cannot solve by themselves."



​​Person-Centred Counselling in Bexhill-on-Sea.

Reiki Testimonials

​​​Little Lodge Counselling

"Lucy is a beautiful and calming Reiki Master practitioner with wonderful energies. Lucy is positive and such a pleasure to be with. She has the most beautiful little cottage that I loved. I'm planning to see Lucy again next week. Thank you again for your prompt Reiki treatment. Many blessings."


(Reiki Master Practitioner)


"When I first sought out Lucy, I was scared. I'd tried to seek out various private therapists before but was turned away multiple times due to the severity of the intrusive thoughts I suffer. Lucy was different, and she has been instrumental in bringing me into this new phase of my life.  The help provided by Lucy for me personally, has covered self harm, suicidal thoughts, an eventual OCD diagnosis, grief, depression, and anxiety amongst others I'm sure. Lucys Little Lodge is a calm and welcoming space. I was surprised to find I could quickly relax a speak freely about my worries, anxieties and trouble. Trust between both of us was established soon after meeting, and Lucy has guided me through and helped me to plan visits to my GP, and making a referral to a psychiatrist. I worried a lot that my problems were too serious for private counselling but it has proved to be otherwise and helped me to engage in other available help and services. I plan to continue seeing Lucy as and when I feel the need, and wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to others."