It can evoke a variety of feelings in a person when seeking help from another; I understand this and the strength it has taken you to make this step, in exploring other ways to help yourself, especially meeting me a; ‘new person’ to help aid with problems that you may be experiencing. A common question is; “How can this person help me?” Well I can offer an environment that is built on acceptance, I am here to help you share your problems, look at them, take them apart and put them back together in a way that is more comfortable for you. Hopefully you will move forward with empowerment and control in your life without these problems weighing and bringing you down. I will be a companion on this journey sharing these moments and reassuring you that you are not on your own. Another question that can arise when seeking help is; “How can I trust this person?” our sessions will be confidential; I am not here to pass judgment on you, I am here to offer you support and acceptance. My approach is very much about our relationship, the trust that will hopefully enable you to become more comfortable in expressing your needs. The key is that you feel safe, we will be equal partners in this journey.

About me/Training

I started my training in 2012 at Sussex Downs College Eastbourne, with level 1 and 2, this really opened my eyes and I felt I had found my profession of choice, I went forward completing the Foundation Degree in Science (FDsc) in person-centred counselling and then progressed in 2015-2016 to the Honours Degree, Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons) in person-centred counselling. In 2016 I obtained a certificate in couples counselling.

I am dedicated to my own professional development and therefore I continue to attend courses/training days to help build my understanding and develop my practice further. 

Previously I have volunteered at Counselling plus, Cruse East Sussex, St Wilfred's Hospice, Action For Change and now I am working in private practice. Individuals express themselves differently so I offer experiential ways of working with my clients, such as;  drawing, writing, poetry, or face to face talking, so if you feel that you would like to try different ways of communicating please let me know. Little Lodge is your space to explore you, and how you like to express yourself, there are no expectations just space to be you.

​I facilitate the Eastbourne Person-Centred group which runs monthly. This is a group for trained counsellors/counsellors in training and for anyone who is interested in this approach.

For more information about this group please visit;

In 2017 I become a tutor for East Sussex College where I taught on the Access Course and for the Community Engagement Team, delivering short workshops and level 1 interpersonal skills. I have taught and have plenty of experience from level 1 though to the FDSC, I am currently teaching on the level 2 in counselling skills at Eastbourne. 

I can offer students on counselling courses discounted rates for their own personal counselling. 

I work for various different EAP services,  such as; Axa, Workplace Options, HELP and Moving Minds, delivering short term therapy. 

I am a person-centred supervisor, please go to the supervisor page for more information. 

My Mission

My mission as a person-centred counsellor is to enable you, as the client to feel empowered and comfortable within your own skin.


"How many sessions can it take to feel better?"

Every person is different and unique - I do not push you into going faster, everything is done at your pace, which could be starting with immediate problems which can lead onto deeper and more underlying problems. My role would be to facilitate this deeper awareness, enabling you as the client to remain in-control of the content, giving you space to explore and challenge yourself further to reach your goal.

"Can you advise me what to do?"

As a Person-Centred Counsellor, I will not be directing you towards an objective that I may see as 'good' I am however here to facilitate you to determine your own goals, based on your own experiences.  

Facilitating your movement towards your own chosen goals, or working on creating your personal goals and enabling you to develop your own ways of thinking about situations. 

​​Person-Centred Counselling in Bexhill-on-Sea.

​​​Little Lodge Counselling

​My Name is Lucy and I am a counsellor at Little Lodge, I am BACP Accredited member, registered and insured.

Issues I have worked with are: 
childhood issues, depression, past affecting the present, health issues, relationship issues, loss of identity, purpose or meaning, issues with alcohol, divorce, lack of confidence, separation, panic attacks, feeling afraid,  redundancy,  stress, anger, abuse, anxiety, OCD, self esteem issues, work problems, suicide within a family, suicidal thoughts, bereavement, ​ loss of a child.

​Therapy can aid a person too feel; in-control, accepting of themselves and able to cope more with their problems. This is done by focusing on the clients issues, growing their awareness with a counsellor/therapist that is non-judgmental and accepting of them as a person.