​​Person-Centred Counselling in Bexhill-on-Sea.

​​​Little Lodge Counselling


"What happens in the first initial session?"
The first session can be used to determine if both client and counsellor feel able to work with one another. If counselling is to continue past the first initial session then you will be given the contract and client information sheet to read at home and you will complete this and give it to me in the second session, where we can go through any questions you may have.

"How many sessions can it take to feel better?"

​Every person is different and unique - I do not push you into going faster, everything is done at your pace, which could be starting with immediate problems which can lead onto deeper and more underlying problems. My role would be to facilitate this deeper awareness, enabling you as the client to remain in-control of the content, giving you space to explore and challenge yourself further to reach your goal. 

"Can you advise me what to do?"
As a Person-Centred Counsellor, I will not be directing you towards an objective that I may see as 'good' I am however here to facilitate you to determine your own goals, based on your own experiences. Facilitating your movement towards your own chosen goals, or working on creating your personal goals and enabling you to develop your own ways of thinking about situations. Overall I believe in you and trust your process, which I will be guided by. 

"How do I know what therapist to go with?"
It is advisable to try out a few different therapists, to find the best person for you. Compare the way you feel when speaking to each counsellor, who you had the best sense of a connection with, most at ease with, it is really important to find who you feel confident and comfortable with so that you can work through your story.

"I can't afford to pay the full amount, what shall I do?"

Please get in contact as I offer discounts to those that are struggling financially, I believe that money should not stop you from accessing support.  

​"What services do you offer?"

I offer sessions for individuals, couples and children and young people from the ages of 12-18.

"What happens if I need a cancel or miss a session?"

Sessions will be agreed between client and counsellor, if for any reason you need to cancel a session please let me know A.S.A.P. Any sessions that have less than 24 hours’ notice will still need to be paid for in full. If a session is missed, I will contact you to check in and see if you still wish to continue, if I am unable to contact you and get a response, our contract will stop. Unfortunately, if you arrive late, the session will still need to finish at our agreed appointment time

"I am having counselling and I am feeling worse"

The counselling relationship is intended to be a healing and supportive relationship. In the process of getting to know and understand yourself better, it could raise feelings that may cause you to feel as though you are getting worse rather than better. If this happens, it is important that you discuss those feelings with me so that we can explore them together. In addition since counselling is a two way process, if you feel I am doing anything that you believe is unhelpful to the counselling process or our relationship, or if you have any questions or doubts about our work together, it is important that you talk to me about this so that we can openly consider this during our work together. 

"What happens if I want to stop counselling?"
You may choose to end our work together whenever you wish, alternatively you may find the work draws to a natural ending. In either case it is important to have a closing session(s) to say goodbye. 

"What happens if I am close to someone you already see?"

On occasions it may be necessary to end with clients, due to conflict of interest that may occur as sessions progress. If this does happen then I will notify you ASAP and I will ensure that I give you information about other counsellors that may be available to help you. 

"What are the limits of confidentiality?"
I, the counsellor would provide the highest level of confidentiality possible according to the law and the codes of ethics of BACP. However, some situations could result in disclosure and these are as follows;

If you are considered to be a serious risk to yourself and to other people,  

Any illegal activities and acts of terrorism, where not to disclose would break the law.
Any child protection issues where a child could be at risk of harm or neglect must be reported to the appropriate authorities as required by the Children Act 1989. 
Confidentiality and General Data Protection regulation (GDPR); I use a coded filing system for any session notes and personal data (client information sheet). All information I hold, is held in a locked filing cabinet, in a locked office, any electronic information is password protected, in accordance with the ICO. The information will be kept for 6 years, as is the current industry standard. You are entitled to request a copy of all information held, at any time. In the event that I am unable to practice/ be responsible for your personal data, due circumstances beyond my control, including my death. Provision has been made for a fellow BACP member and peer to contact you and inform you of the change. Depending on the circumstances, I would always aim to discuss this with you before taking any action wherever possible. (Please also refer to the Safeguarding Policy which you will be given)

"w​hat happens if I see you outside of the counselling Sessions?"
If we were to see one another outside Little Lodge, for instance in Tesco’s, I will not acknowledge you until you acknowledge me, this will be brief, just a hello not a chat. 

"What is the process for record keeping?"

Brief notes are kept for a period of 3 years and with a reference number to preserve confidentiality. Please ask your counsellor if you wish to see your notes. However, in couples counselling to obtain the access to the notes I would need the request in writing and permission from all parties for these to be realised. 

"What is the process of working with teenagers?"
As the counsellor I will not be discussing/disclosing any information about the client to the parents/guardians, as it is important for me to build a trusting relationship with the client. Only in exceptional circumstances will disclosure be made (harm to the child or from the child). It would be preferable to keep interactions with parents/guardians to a minimum, therefore where possible sessions can be booked in via text etc. between the client and myself.  (Please refer to the safeguarding policy sheet, for the full information regarding working with children and young people)


If you have thought of a question that is not listed then please feel free to get in contact